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Media Update:
21 February 2017

The Mayor of Ngwathe Local Municipality Cllr MJ Mochela has appreciated progress and development regarding the participation of intergovernmental stakeholders assisting the municipality dealing with the electricity account. These stakeholders comprising of Eskom, SALGA Free State, Department of the Premier, Fezile Dabi District, Provincial Task Team and other role players who have put ideas together to come up with progressive initiatives including payment arrangement that will ensure that electricity is not cut off while avoiding the escalation of debt account. Current engagements are also considering entering into agreements with Eskom to ensure better management of electricity revenue and forging better relationships with Eskom. The Mayor also emphasized the municipality is also comfortable with the role being played by Eskom even on assisting the municipality with tarrif issues. There shall be further task team meetings and public participation to advance outstanding matters in this regard. Furthermore, we are working with Eskom to meet all the requirements and conditions as expected.

Issued by Ngwathe Local Municipality

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