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For Immediate Release

‘’Just like the women of 1956, who fought against the injustices of the past apartheid regime, the women of today are equally facing challenges even though different from those of women who marched to the Union Buildings in 1956 demanding freedom. As we commemorate this period in the Year of Oliver Tambo, we note with concern that our women are still experiencing discrimination from some sectors of society and suffer gender-based violence.’’ said the Executive Mayor of Ngwathe Local Municipality, Cllr Joey Mochela

‘’As part of honouring and celebrating Women’s Day 2017, working with community stakeholders, we have gathered women from all parts of Ngwathe Local Municipality at the Phiritona Community Hall in Heilbron, particularly women in the religious fraternity, to embark on moral regeneration program. Under the theme ‘Not in our Name’ the event aimed at motivating our people to be bold and come together and fight the scourge of violence especially against the vulnerable sector of our communities, women and young girls in particular. We have been emphasizing as the municipality that, we bring together various stakeholders such as correctional services, religious minister’s fraternal, cultural groups, department of health, SAPS, SANCO, CPF, youth and women formations to work together with the intention to defeat the demon that is weakening our society. This gathering has shared ideas on how to fight the scourge of women and substance abuse respectively’’

According to Colonel MJ Mokhethi of Heilbron Police Station, ‘’violence against women in the form of physical, sexual, verbal, emotional and financial abuse is prominently reported. Our challenge is that, most women tend to be reluctant to report this to us at an early stage until the level of abuse has serious manifested itself. We further encourage our women to join women’s forum under Constable Molapisi, so as to share ideas on how to fight this scourge as women’’